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GREPI Fasteners

Grepi fasteners are developed in co-operation with strong market leaders within plastic fasteners. Our fasteners are available under the well-known Thorsman brand from Schneider Electric. Our fasteners can be purchased in different electrical wholesalers or by contacting Grepi Plast AS directly by mail; In Sweden you can buy our fastners at Bauhaus.


Grepi fasteners is delivered in different dimensions; 6x50, 8x60, 10x70 and 10X110 mm, respectively 6, 8 and 10 mm pre-drilling.

User Friendly

GREPI plugs are easy to use and offer a quick, user-friendly solution when working with porous concrete materials. This makes them an ideal choice for professional builders as well as DIY users

Creates Friction

The elastomer outer layer sticks better to light weight and porous concrete than traditional hard plastic fasteners. It prevents the plug from loosening its grip in the porous material

Prevents Rotation

The unique patented rubber-construction prevents the common problem of the plug rotating when inserting the screws into the plug

Absorbs Shock & Vibration

he rubber layer of the GREPI plug creates flexibility. Unlike traditional hard-plastic fasteners, the GREPI plug will remain at its original position even after minor movements

The GREPI fastener system provides you with a solid and durable solution, perfect for any porous material!

Developed and patented by Grepi

Specifically for installation in lightweight concrete

Hard core of impact-resistant polyamide (Nylon)

Outer layer of thermoplastic rubber

Grepi fasteners are available from electrical wholesalers under the brand Schneider Electric

Does not destroy the walls of the hole

Do not rotate during screw assembly

Provides greater friction against the walls of the hole by exclusion 


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