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Water damage accounts for the largest type of damage in the insurance companies. In a meeting between Pavels, Grepi and Armaturjonsson, it was discussed how to prevent these injuries. The innovative solution was Arjonstop.


Arionstop protects the home from water damage. It has a sensor that detects water leakage and closes the valve immediately. The valve is a motor-controlled ball valve, which goes to be the most robust on the market. As part of the valve's safety procedure, a function test and a pressure test of 10 bar are performed before leaving the factory, as well as performing a self-test once a day. Arion stop is operated by the mains, but has an emergency battery which ensures that the water system is in operation even when shorter power failures.


On offshore installations and on land-based refineries and other petrochemical plants where there are large amounts of pipe holes, one has the challenge that corrosion can occur in the pipes on the underside of the insulation. This is mainly due to water penetration during the insulation, and this is termed CUI (corrosion-under-insulation) or WUI (water-under-insulation) in the subject terminology. This is not visible by normal visual inspection and therefore requires that one must dismantle the exterior. metal covers and the ventilation itself in the areas suspected of corrosion. Problems associated with this cost the industry large million dollars each year. At Benarx's website, the problem is described as follows:

”Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is a major risk factor in Oil & Gas producing facilities. The integrity of pipelines and process equipment carrying hydrocarbons under pressure is essential and potentially can have catastrophic results.

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Georg Fischer AG, with headquartered in Switzerland, consists of 125 companies, of which 48 are manufacturing companies, and is located in 32 countries, with a turnover of CHF 3.6 billion in 2012.


Grepi Plast AS developed and patented a new special clamp for insulated pipes, which meets the latest regulatory requirements in Europe related to energy saving. The product was presented to GF during a meeting in Oslo a year ago, and Georg Fischer showed immediate interest in the product. In October, after two negotiation meetings with GF in Switzerland, Georg Fischer and Grepi Plast AS signed an exclusive production agreement during a meeting with GP in Skien. At the same time, GF has acquired the rights to sales and distribution, and has taken the patent further internationally.

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Specially trained dogs help STATOIL and GASSCO with detection of corrosion in pipe systems. GREPI PLAST produces the plastic components of the system.


NRK Dagsrevyen had a reportage on March 11 2013 about specially trained dogs who can find corrosion in gas pipes, quickly and easily without dismantling the insulation.


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