Our mission is to make containers from other suitable material combinations than the ones in use, and which would last sufficiently long to eliminate any environmental future threats. Years of research has confirmed the applicability of our concepts. We obtain several patents pertaining to the use of HDPE in combination with lead for shielded containers to nuclear material, as well as for a production cell for mass production of said containers.

In addition to our containers we offer polymer based injection molded plastic products developed by Grepi Plast AS. Take a closer look at the products produced by Grepi Plast AS, fasteners to the building industry and a new clamp for pre-insulated corrugated pipes.





Impact-resistant polyamide (Nylon) mounting plugs that are designed specifically for installation in lightweight concrete.

CF Container

CF container

Container for radiopharmaceuticals, made from a HDPE and lead combination.

CC Container

CC container

Container for transportation and storage of biological, chemical and low level radioactive material and waste.