Our competence

Polymer products based on injection molding technology are today indispensable in society in almost all areas. We find them extensively in automobiles and other vehicles, in electrical and electronic aids and equipment, they are essential in the medical sector in vital appliances and packaging, in the building industry and as components in pipe systems.

We have the technology and knowledge needed to design and produce polymer products in all these sectors. We possess high technical expertise with staff who have extensive industry experience.


Commissioned production and product development  

We offer a variety of injection molded polymer products to different industries. In addition to our own developed products,  we assist our customers with technical design and production of new products. For an approved and fully developed polymer product, weight and visual inspection are the most important indicators in relation to any quality deviations. We perform an accurate and daily monitoring of these parameters among others, using regular microscopy studies of critical areas.


Intellectual Property Rights

To secure our ideas and intellectual Property Rights we have several patents and pending patents: