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Sturdy UN-certified container for hazardous waste


About the container

The container is sturdy, corrosion-free and specially designed for storing all types of liquid or solid materials for waste management companies and industry. The injection moulded plastic withstands hazardous waste such as liquid alkalis, acids and industrial chemicals. The container is easy to stack, lasts a long time and can be incinerated whole.



The container is open top; the entire top (lid) can be removed

The lid attaches with eight bolts with nuts, that swivel 270 degrees from open to locked, using a 10 mm hex key

The bolts do not come in contact with the contents of the container.

The lid has an inner screw cap with a 170 mm diameter opening, for easier filling with small pieces or fluids. The screw cap can be opened by hand, or alternatively with a drum wrench.

The lid slopes slightly towards the centre, so that any spillage runs down toward the opening in the middle.

Empty containers can be stacked in one another; six on a pallet fit within the height of a high-cube container.

Containers can be stacked on top of each other; the bottom of the container is adapted to stand solidly on the lid below.

No metal parts means no corrosion and easy incineration of the whole container.

UV protection has been added, rated for 50 years at the 35th parallel.

UN-certified for solids Packing group II - Medium danger.

Developed in Norway - produced in the EU (Denmark).



Container certified for solid hazardous waste; green.

Container certified for liquid hazardous waste; grey.


Available options

Pressure relief valve ¾ '' located in the inner screw cap.

Strainer for inner opening in the lid.

Special gaskets for certain liquids.

Handling equipment customised for the container.


Parts that can be purchased separately

Bolts with nuts: 8-pack and 100-pack.

Complete set of gaskets.

Complete lid.



Materials: High density polyethylene. Polyamide with 10% fibreglass in nuts and bolts.

Volume: 190 litres.

Outer diameter 60 cm, height 110 cm including lid.

UN-certified for 125 kg solid hazardous waste Class II and III: 1H2/Y125/S/16/DK/NET9901A-MEZ

Norwegian Patent Application No. 20150321, with international extension to follow.



Container certified for solid hazardous waste; green.

Low-level radioactive material or waste.

Corrosive liquids.

Liquid alkalis and acids.

Oil-contaminated water and radioactive sludge.

Industrial cleaners.


Edible oils and food waste.





Container 190L, 13kg

Mezonic AS

Sabic HDPE - M80064

Lid (large)

Mezonic AS

Sabic HDPE - M80064

Inner screw cap (centre of large lid)

Mezonic AS

Sabic HDPE - M80064

Bolts and nuts

Mezonic AS

Sabic Du Point PA, Zytel - ST801


Mezonic AS

Sabic HDPE - M80064

Gasket for bolts

Otto Olsen AS


Rubber gasket for large lid

Otto Olsen AS

Neoprene sponge rubber

O-ring inner screw cap

Otto Olsen AS