Mezonic AS (formerly Nuclear Protection Products AS) was established to develop and mass-produce the next generation packaging systems for radioactive materials. Years of research has confirmed the applicability of our concepts. Mezonic has obtained several patents pertaining to the use of HDPE in combination with lead for shielded containers to nuclear material, as well as for a production cell for mass production of these innovative containers. Brochure CC

Our mission is to develop and produce containers to seal, save and secure any nuclear waste as well as other waste that is toxic or hazardous to the environment, and are continuing the development towards a product line that includes Type B certified mass produced containers.

We recently extended our business to include product innovation and production of polymer based products also for other markets and uses. Today, we are in the market with a 50-gallon HDPE general purpose drum that is particularly suited for toxic and low level radioactive material and waste. From an R&D cooperation with Savannah River National Laboratories, we aim to have the premium version CC+ container Type A certified by first quarter 2016.

In 2003 Mezonic established contact with The Department of Energy (DoE) in the US. Our ideas were welcomed and we still maintain a close relationship with DoE.  Based on their interest and their visit to Mezonic in Norway; DoE presented a number of demands, requirements and requests for the new Mezonic containers functionality. With the protection of our patents we made a plan to develop and produce a high level waste (HLW) container for nuclear waste, which is based on technology never before pursued.

Mezonic also has a product line of containers for radiopharmaceuticals, made from an HDPE and lead combination, or alternatively lead-free containers made from special polymer compounds.

Our goal is to provide our customers with good products for secure storage of radioactive waste furthermore we will also develop products for toxic, dangerous and hazardous waste.


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CC container for transportation and storage of biological, chemical and low level radioactive material and waste. GREPI fasteners, impact-resistant polyamide (Nylon) mounting plugs that are designed specifically for installation in lightweight concrete.CF container for radiopharmaceuticals, made from a HDPE and lead combination.